In this post, I follow up about Ruby on Rails. I’ve done lots of work with Web Development Tools, Web Application Frameworks, what have you and never have I been more impressed. For what it is worth. I am almost willing to say never have I been as impressed, but I’m not even competent with RoR yet (I’ve goofed around with it in WEBrick mode.) Maybe I won’t get to like Ruby even.  But, right now I am curious about ‘poor performance and impossible’ to scale type FUD.

This means I will be looking into:

  • Mongrel (with Apache and I am too lazy to consider Apache’s competition–all those modules, I need them. mod_deflate! Is it true that Rails people dislike Apache?)
  • Rails concurrency
  • Clustering(mod_proxy_balancer, see what I mean?)
  • RailsMachine

Also, I will be looking at the Mephisto code just to see more of what Rails works like as a framework.


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