In this post, I follow up about Ruby on Rails. I’ve done lots of work with Web Development Tools, Web Application Frameworks, what have you and never have I been more impressed. For what it is worth. I am almost willing to say never have I been as impressed, but I’m not even competent with RoR yet (I’ve goofed around with it in WEBrick mode.) Maybe I won’t get to like Ruby even.  But, right now I am curious about ‘poor performance and impossible’ to scale type FUD.

This means I will be looking into:

  • Mongrel (with Apache and I am too lazy to consider Apache’s competition–all those modules, I need them. mod_deflate! Is it true that Rails people dislike Apache?)
  • Rails concurrency
  • Clustering(mod_proxy_balancer, see what I mean?)
  • RailsMachine

Also, I will be looking at the Mephisto code just to see more of what Rails works like as a framework.

BileBlog Referendum


It seems that I have started a blog and my first entry will be to record some thoughts on this Hani guy.

  • His ‘pitiless’ mode is completely amusing–he’s a talented writer.
  • Who has pity for Tomcat?.
  • Example of how he doesn’t say anything at all if he can’t say something mean: Spring is ‘boring’. ‘Boring’ is Hani-speak for ‘I’m not intimidated’. And this is a clever trick. ‘Boring’ is in fact where software that works goes to die. Reference DHH’s claim that ‘There’s nothing interesting about how Ruby on Rails scales.’ Also,  Dan Grisby saying that Rails Is Boring -or- How Rails Is Like A Nice Car. And, Stevey’s argument that Ruby ‘seems so self-explanatory to me. It makes it almost boring…’
  • Digression: Ruby on Rails is boring.
  • Hani loves Intellij Idea. I reserve the right to adopt it, having in the past relied on Eclipse. Hani disapproves. Sun also disapproves, but they’re suggesting Netbeans, funny.
  • Another digression, not only am I using Eclipse, but  some years ago I (rather superficially) checked out SWT and, I was bored.

I think Hani deserves the last word today (from his most recent post):

“You’re still a nobody, and far more importantly, people still couldn’t give a flying fuck about random trivia concerning your tedious, ‘I’d rather have my orifices plugged with my own feces while forced into a grouphug with 3 rubyists, martin fowler’s beard, and 2 thoughtwankers than be this guy’ mockery of a life. “

Hello world!


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